Sometimes I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I find items that I find appalling, hilarious or downright intriguing. I find that every time I go to the grocery store, it is both an adventure and commentary on our food industry.

This is my blog about my adventures to the grocery store.

One of my passions is food. I can eat like a 200-lb man and I have no qualms spending 100 bucks on a good meal; it’s worth it for the experience, both sensual and aesthetic. In fact, I enjoy food so much, I wrote a 30-some page research paper on it my senior year in college. It’s one of the moments in my education history I am most proud of.

Through research and firsthand experience, I see the inherent issues in our food system and I know the value of keeping the beautiful aspects of our food culture alive. I wanted to blog about food because it’s something I can talk about for hours and hours and hours…

However, I did not want to write a blog about recipes I cook or restaurants I visit. It’s been done. I want to write about the grocery store or, the place I see as where recipes and dishes begin. Here goes:



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